jeudi 13 décembre 2012

2012 CST Bike Challenge for a noble cause

As part of the continuous CSR activities, Custom Sensors and Technologies organized a Bike Challenge in an effort to generate donations throughout CST worldwide for a worthy cause.

CST employees from 14 different sites around the world enthusiastically participated by guessing the total distance the bikers would ride in exchange for a small donation that would help a local organization and a chance to win an iPad Mini, raising with this the amount of $ 5,390.86  USD which would be matched by CST, making a grand total of $10,781.72 worldwide

The funds that each site generated will go to their selected local organization, as a result many people will receive much needed help, such as kids with cancer and autism in Tijuana Mexico,  the Telethon in France, Disaster relief organizations in China and USA and many more in Germany, India, UK, Morocco and EAP.

mercredi 12 décembre 2012

Christian, some words about CST Bike Challenge experience

Some last minute doubts (about the distance and especially the weather with rain, snow, wind and low temperatures, not to mention flooded tracks!!) but never during the challenging ride, which made put things into perspective and convince myself that nothing is impossible.

I recently saw a documentary about Philippe Croizon, the swimmer who swam across oceans to link the 5 continents despite having lost both arms and legs and through his example we can see through will and dedication everything is possible - what an example to follow.

So back to our much smaller endeavour, with a  high concentration of emotion over a very short period with a great team.

And not forgetting Laëtitia, our coach and mother - and supporting comments like 'Be careful' and 'It's not a problem, you are only 3 hours behind schedule, you will get there!' or 'Hey boys, you cannot be serious, you must eat before setting off!!'

A uniting spirit, that is essential in this type of challenge.

As for the charity that brought us all together, our effort is insignicant compared to the difficulties facing many people worldwide, in their fight against illness on a daily basis and would love to go biking for 2 days, whatever the conditions.

and this is the truth of Mapa gloves...

They are useful to clean your bike but not really efficient to keep hands warm

The real story!

CST Bike Challenge 2012, you did it, congratulation team!

lundi 10 décembre 2012

Saturday, they won the challenge

The team in Valence with a new biker, see in the middle, Helen's son, Jérome is really motivated for next year :)

Dean could you tell us official results?

 Thanks a lot!  Employees who came to congratulate our CST bikers.

Thanks to Patricia and Michel to have welcomed our CST Bikers (who deserved to have rest) with drinks, fruits, chocolate...

 and me, still on my Ipad, to provide fresh news.

I'm coming back soon with other photos.

samedi 8 décembre 2012

CST Bike Challenge results

After 2 days of snow, rain, wind and near zero temperatures, the bikers are bike.

I imagine your are all impatient to know the result. So it is my pleasure to announce that the team rode 712,431 kms.

Brenda and Jean-Marc will check the results and announce the winners beginning of next week.

Dean Whittaker

They are in !

They are almost there

20 km to go !